In Memory Of The Great

We had the good fortune to have John with us
from 2005 until his passing in November 2007.
We were happy to have him aboard playing
rhythm and lead guitar and some occasional
bass. In addition to being an accomplished
musician, He also had a wonderful studio in Pinion
Pines and has recorded and engineered music for
some great local bands like Feisty Joe,The Jon
Linn Band and Jekkyl, as well as doing a
substantial amount of commercial recording for
Southern California's film and TV industry. The
day has not come that we don't think of him or
would not give our souls to have him here with us.
You may know LOU GALVAN for his local
theatrical/musical productions, such as The City of
Coachella Chile Festival, The Art in the Dunes
Festival and production and direction of Riverside
County's Arabian Night's Pageant, OR, his
outstanding performances on the McCallum Stage,
such as, "Jacob" in "La Cage Aux Folles" or the
"Wicked Witch" in the "Wizard of Oz", but most
desert dwellers aren't aware he is also a gifted
vocalist, songwriter and musician, playing bass, guitar
and drums (is there anything he can't do?) Known in
local theater circles as the best physical comedic
actor in the valley, He is the recipient of a "Best
Lead Actor" and a "Best Supporting Actor Award"
from the Desert Theatre League.
KYMM GALVAN has been performing since she
could talk. She grew up training her voice to
the vocals of Paul Rodgers of "Bad Company",
Steve Perry of "Journey" and the incomparable
Daryl Hall. Performing in local theater for the
last ten years on the McCallum Stage and other
venues, she is an accomplished Theatrical
Make-up Artist/Production Designer and a six
time nominee for the "Ron Hamm Award" ("Best
Theatrical Make-up Design") as well as several
nominations for"Best Costume Design" and a
"Best Supporting Actress" nominee from the
Desert Theatre League. She is now writing and
recording her own originals and enjoying the
opportunity to belt out some her favorite songs
as Lead Vocalist with ALYCE BOWIE.
ROBERT HAMILTON started beating
the drums when he was just eight years
old. Growing up on "Deep Purple",
"Emerson, Lake and Palmer", "Yes" and
"Rush", also studying the great jazz
drummers Buddy Rich and Gene Crupa.
But his biggest influence? "Mr. ED" (ask
him...) Rob is also the winner of the
2004 Palm Springs Battle of the Bands
"Best Drummer" Award.
MIKE RUIZ! What can we say? We are
so pleased to have finally talked him in to
joining us to play rythum/lead!!! Mike is a
seasoned local guitarist who has grown up
in the desert and has played with all the
great local bands and musicians since the
70's, including Jack Blades of "Night
Ranger". His heroes include all the great
guitarists, from Eric Clapton to Carlos
Santana and his laid back style, amazing
lead guitar solos and fantastic vocals are
an incredible addition to ALYCE BOWIE.
We are so pleased to have had the privilege of performing with some great local musicians who are
Randy feistejo, Kevin Quinn, Alex Ahumada, Bruce Oswald, Alan Earhart, Eric Nelli, Tom Edwards,
Michael James,
Jonny Andreason,Terry Dubas, Damian Ayala, Alex Hoeber, Rick Stephenson,
Manny Torres, Ruben Cancino and Juan Hernandez.
And last but not least,
RANDY HEWITSON purchased his first guitar with
own money saved from first job in the summer of
1969 and began his musical journey. He played with
various bands then started a Talent Agency booking
entertainment and promoting concerts and other
events. He worked with bands like Missing Persons,
The Plimsouls, Josie Cotton, Elvin Bishop and
hundreds of local bands. After moving to the desert
from Ontario California in 1980 Randy continued with
his new talent agency and also did real estate sales.
By this time his love for playing music awakened and
he was off to start a new band. In 1986 Randy
opened Musicians Outlet and started a band with Lou
Galvan that project lasted about one year. Randy
played with John Stanley King and other local
musicians and then started another project in 2009
with his long time buddy Jonny Andreason, just as
that project was ready to start gigging Johnny
passed away and it would be another year before he
would again join the already formed band “ Alyce
Bowie” with Lou Galvan. After 24 years Lou and
Randy are back to making music!